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1Concept Note SWCEnglishReport2012LCORE-INDOINTERNAL
2Kick Off Meeting of LCORE-Indo ProjectEnglishReport2012LCORE-INDOPUBLIC
3Biomass Waste Scoping StudyEnglishReport2012LCORE-INDOPUBLIC
4Fuel Saver ConceptEnglishReport2012E.QuadratPUBLIC
5Seminar on Charting a way to Green Economy through Fiscal Policy Reforms - A Role for Ministry of FinanceEnglishReport2012MoFPUBLIC
6Working Meeting on PV Feed-in-TariffEnglishReport2012METIPUBLIC
7Mapping of Palm Oil Mills in North Sumatera RegionEnglishReport2012PPKSPUBLIC
8Waste to Revenue - Energizing Indonesia's Palm Oil IndustryEnglishReport2012EKONIDPUBLIC
9Benchmarking Performance of Biogas Plants Utilizing Agro-industry Waste in IndonesiaEnglishReport2013BPIPUBLIC
10Devising Replicable Business Model for Grid-Connected MHP - Case Study LombokEnglishReport2013RBPPUBLIC
11Biogas Benchmarking PerformanceEnglishReport2013SPOLEPUBLIC
12FGD on Rice Husk Utilization Potential BahasaReport2013PERPADIPUBLIC
13Rice Husk to Electricity on Deli Serdang - A Pre-feasibility StudyEnglishReport2013ANNIESINTERNAL
14Visit Report Palm Oil Mill PLTU Listrindo Kencana - Bangka, IndonesiaEnglishReport2013E.QuadratPUBLIC
15Projek Percontohan Pemanfaatan Sekam Padi untuk Pembangkitan Listrik Di Sumatera UtaraEnglishReport2013LCORE-INDOPUBLIC
16Business Concept Sea World Club, Maumere-FloresEnglishReport2013LCORE-INDOINTERNAL
17Status Quo of different Application for Energy Recovery from EFBEnglishReport2013E.QuadratINTERNAL
18Technical Data Survey and Energy Audit at Sea World ClubEnglishReport2013GAEINTERNAL
19A Proposed Concept for a Renewable Energy Capacity Building Strategy for IndonesiaEnglishReport2013RENACPUBLIC
20Mapping the Potential of Rice Husk Utilization into Energy in IndonesiaEnglishReport2013PERPADIINTERNAL
21Pemetaan Potensi Pemanfaatan Sekam Padi untuk Energi di IndonesiaEnglishReport2013PERPADIINTERNAL
22A Fuel Saver Concept for IndonesiaEnglishPPT2013E.QuadratPUBLIC
23Anaerobic digestion of biowaste and animal by-products in GermanyEnglishPPT2013GBAPUBLIC
24Renewable Energy Development in Indonesia - Potential and Policy FrameworksEnglishPPT2013EBTKEPUBLIC
25The German Energiewende - German Renewable Energy PolicyEnglishPPT2013BMUBPUBLIC
26NREEC Study Tour to GermanyEnglishReport2013LCORE-INDOPUBLIC
27Performance Analysis of PTPN IV Palm Oil Mills Potential Projects for Efficiency Improvement and Revenue GenerationEnglishReport2013ANNIESINTERNAL
28Performance Analysis of Sisirau Palm Oil Mill Potential Projects for Efficiency Improvement and Revenue GenerationEnglishReport2013ANNIESINTERNAL
29Project proposal for 100 kWp PV-System at Sea World ClubEnglishReport2013LCORE-INDOINTERNAL
30PLN Study Tour in Germany - Capacity Building in RE Project in Context of the Planned PLN REEnglishReport2013LCORE-INDOPUBLIC
31100 kWp Grid-Connected PV-System at Sea World Club, Maumere, FloresEnglishReport2013LCORE-INDOPUBLIC
33Biomass Waste to Energy Project Development - biological managementEnglishPPT2013IBBKPUBLIC
34Biomass Waste to Energy Project Development - case studies for biomas and biogasEnglishPPT2013IBBKPUBLIC
35Biomass Waste to Energy Project Development - case studies in Europe and AsiaEnglishPPT2013IBBKPUBLIC
36Biomass Waste to Energy Project Development - feedstock assessmentEnglishPPT2013IBBKPUBLIC
37Biomass Waste to Energy Project Development - planning and designEnglishPPT2013IBBKPUBLIC
38Biomass Waste to Energy Project Development - safety assessmentEnglishPPT2013IBBKPUBLIC
39Energy Audit for the Ice Making of PT. Harta Samudra in Waplau, Buru IslandEnglishReport2013LCORE-INDOINTERNAL
40Field survey PV-Systems for Sustainable Fishery Provinsi Malukku, IndonesiaEnglishReport2013LCORE-INDOINTERNAL
41Program Pengembangan Aneka Energi Baru dan Energi Terbarukan EnglishPPT2013EBTKEPUBLIC
42Solar PV Seminar - Connection to utility gridsEnglishPPT2013E.QuadratPUBLIC
43Solar PV Seminar - Insurability of PV installationsEnglishPPT2013E.QuadratPUBLIC
44Solar PV Seminar - International technical standardsEnglishPPT2013E.QuadratPUBLIC
45Solar PV Seminar - Key financial parametersEnglishPPT2013E.QuadratPUBLIC
46Solar PV Seminar - Operation and maintenanceEnglishPPT2013E.QuadratPUBLIC
47Solar PV Seminar - Project stages to successful project developmentEnglishPPT2013E.QuadratPUBLIC
48Solar PV Seminar - Technical specifications to performance ratio appraisalEnglishPPT2013E.QuadratPUBLIC
49Biomass waste-to-energy Project Development TrainingEnglishReport2013IBBKPUBLIC
50Performance Analysis of ANJ Belitung Palm Oil Mills Potential Projects for Efficiency Improvement and Revenue GenerationEnglishReport2013ANNIESINTERNAL
51To Substitute Diesel Fuel by installing 100 MW of Photovoltaic Power through international IPPEnglishSummary2013E.QuadratPUBLIC
52100 MW PV Utility Scale Roll-out Program - A Proposal to PLNEnglishPPT2013E.QuadratPUBLIC
53Concept and design of least cost solar supply in fisherman's vessel - Site screeningEnglishReport2013LCORE-INDOPUBLIC
54Potential of Solar PV in Ice Making IndustryEnglishPPT2013LCORE-INDOPUBLIC
55Aquex POME Drying ReportEnglishReport2013ANNIESINTERNAL
56GIZ Contribution to Green Economy Development in IndonesiaEnglishReport2013GIZPUBLIC
57Overview of Diesel Consumption for Captive Power in IndonesiaEnglishReport2013LCORE-INDOPUBLIC
58Status and Red Flag Report on Sisirau ProjectEnglishReport2013ANNIESINTERNAL
59Project Proposal - Solar PV Power at SWC MaumereEnglishPPT2013LCORE-INDOPUBLIC
60Solar PV application at 10 GT vesselsEnglishReport2013LCORE-INDOINTERNAL
61Business Concept for Rice Husk to PowerEnglishPPT2014E.QuadratPUBLIC
62RE activities of GIZ in Indonesia - LCORE main activitiesEnglishPPT2014LCORE-INDOPUBLIC
63Rice Husk to Electricity Project in Deli Serdang - A Business ConceptEnglishPPT2014LCORE-INDOPUBLIC
64Binanga PKS Power Generation OptionsEnglishReport2014ANNIESINTERNAL
65Prefeasibility Study of Photovoltaic Application on Fishing VesselEnglishReport2014LCORE-INDOPUBLIC
66Master Plan 2014-2015 for the further development of PLN Renewable Energy AcademyEnglishReport2014RENACINTERNAL
67Master Plan for further development of PT PLN Renewable Energy AcademyEnglishReport2014LCORE-INDOINTERNAL
68Pre-feasibility Study of Photovoltaic Application on Fishing VesselEnglishPPT2014LCORE-INDOPUBLIC
69Profile of PT PLN (Persero) Renewable Energy AcademyEnglishReport2014PLN REAPUBLIC
70Energizing renewables in Indonesia - Master Plan 2014-2015 (DRAFT)EnglishReport2014RENACINTERNAL
71Evaluation of rural electrification programs in IndonesiaEnglishReport2014WOLLNYPUBLIC
72Handbook - Advanced Training for Trainers in PV and BioenergyEnglishReport2014RENACPUBLIC
73SPM Lampung Coal Saving & Power Generation OptionsEnglishReport2014ANNIESINTERNAL
74Assessment of barriers to grid-connected biomass - biogas power investment in IndonesiaEnglishPPT2014LCORE-INDOPUBLIC
75Grid-connected Biomass & Biogas Power Investment in Indonesia - Barriers and Policy OptionsEnglishReport2014LCORE-INDOPUBLIC
76Overview of the Waste-to-Energy Potential for Grid-connected Electricity Generation (Solid Biomass and Biogas) in IndonesiaEnglishReport2014LCORE-INDOPUBLIC
77PT. ANJAP Saga Drying & Power Generation OptionsEnglishReport2014ANNIESINTERNAL
78Extremely Promising Biogas Potential in Agricultural IndustryEnglishArticle2014GIZPUBLIC
79Utility Scale PV Systems - A short workshop on basic design and plant managementEnglishPPT2014APEGPUBLIC
80Waste to Revenue - From Idea to RealisationEnglishPPT2014STT-PLN and EvivaPUBLIC
81Assessment Report - A Feed-in Tariff (FIT) for Biogas and Biomass in IndonesiaEnglishReport2014E.QuadratINTERNAL
82Diesel replacement using Grid Connected PVEnglishReport2014TSPUBLIC
83Potential Analysis for Grid-Connected PV Systems in IndonesiaEnglishReport2014LCORE-INDOPUBLIC
84Power PKS Power Generation Options for the Palm Oil IndustryEnglishReport2014ANNIESINTERNAL
85100 kWp SWC Maumere - Net-Metering ApproachEnglishPPT2014LCORE-INDOPUBLIC
86Open area photovoltaic plant - Solar park OberlarEnglishPPT2014TroisdorfPUBLIC
87Power POM Concept - from waste to energyEnglishPPT2014ANNIESPUBLIC
88RENAC Study Tour ReportEnglishReport2014RENACPUBLIC
89Biogas in GermanyEnglishPPT2014GBAPUBLIC
90Hasil Studi Pemetaan PKS untuk Pilot Project PLTBg-POME, KaltimEnglishReport2014GIZINTERNAL
92Tapping Indonesia agro-waste potential with innovative technologyEnglishPPT2014LCORE-INDOPUBLIC
93Fuel Savings Through Heat Recovery in the Tapioca IndustryEnglishFactsheet2014LCORE-INDOPUBLIC
94LCORE - INDO Bioenergy ActivitiesEnglishFactsheet2014LCORE-INDOPUBLIC
95Development of M&E System for Bioenergy Power PlantEnglishReport2014SouthPoleINTERNAL
96Elaboration of a concept for the PV energy supply of block ice machines on Buru Island (Indonesia)EnglishReport2014ILKINTERNAL
97Study Tour Report - Renewable Energy Systems around Cologne, GermanyEnglishReport2014EVIVAPUBLIC
98Biogas Optimization Strategy - De-Briefing MeetingEnglishReport2014DrFriedmannINTERNAL
99Misool Eco Resort - Energy Audit and Energy OutlookEnglishPPT2014APEGPUBLIC
100Palm Oil Mill Mapping in East KalimantanEnglishReport2014LCORE-INDOINTERNAL
101Solar Ice MakingEnglishFactsheet2014LCORE-INDOPUBLIC
102Using Solar PV in Indonesian Tourism SectorEnglishFactsheet2014LCORE-INDOPUBLIC
103Pulau Buru Ice Machine MeasurementsEnglishReport2014AnekatekINTERNAL
104Pulau Buru Ice MeasurementsEnglishReport2015TSINTERNAL
105Design Report Misool Eco ResortEnglishReport2015APEGINTERNAL
106MER System Design 2EnglishReport2015APEGINTERNAL
107Solar Ice Making - Energy Efficiency and Solar PV Concept EnglishReport2015LCORE-INDOPUBLIC
108ANJ Belitung Biogas Plant - Optimization Strategy for the digestion of Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME)EnglishReport2015FriedmannPUBLIC
109Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Technology for Industry EnglishPPT2015UNDIPPUBLIC
110Bioenergy Seminar - Cost structure and financial analysisEnglishPPT2015E.QuadratPUBLIC
111Bioenergy Seminar - Project Development Planning and StepsEnglishPPT2015E.QuadratPUBLIC
112Bioenergy Seminar - Project Development Risks and MitigationEnglishPPT2015E.QuadratPUBLIC
113Coping with rising electricity prices in industryEnglishPPT2015LCORE-INDOPUBLIC
114Energy Management System Implementation in PT. Bayer Material Science IndonesiaEnglishPPT2015BayerPUBLIC
115Introduction to PT. TUV NORDEnglishPPT2015TUVPUBLIC
116Net-metering - A financing strategy for promoting the use of Solar PVEnglishPPT2015PLNPUBLIC
117Study on PV-Rooftop Applications at Industrial BuildingsEnglishPPT2015E.QuadratPUBLIC
118Biogas Biological Optimisation Strategy for Palm Oil MillsEnglishFactsheet2015LCORE-INDOPUBLIC
119Energy Efficiency Measures and Biogas Optimization at Palm Oil Mills (POM) for Increased Power GenerationEnglishPPT2015LCORE-INDOPUBLIC
120Energy Efficiency Measures and Biogas Optimization at Palm Oil Mills (POM) for Increased Power GenerationEnglishPPT2015LCORE-INDOPUBLIC
121Calliandra Wood Pellet to Electricity - Prefeasibility StudyEnglishReport2015LCORE-INDOINTERNAL
122PV Development and Grid Access Study for a Club Resort in IndonesiaEnglishPPT2015E.QuadratPUBLIC
123Measures for and Benefits from a Highly Energy Efficient Palm Oil MillEnglishReport2015HK&AWINTERNAL
124Pre-Feasibility Study on Gasification Project based on case study in BangkalanEnglishReport2015LCORE-INDOINTERNAL
125RE Guidelines on Biomass and Biogas Power Project Development in IndonesiaEnglishReport2015ASEAN-RESPPUBLIC
126Biogas - an all-rounder and a key for future energy systemsEnglishPPT2015GBAPUBLIC
127Complete Introduction to Biogas Plant designingEnglishPPT2015EnvitecPUBLIC
128Part 1 - Rooftop Solar PV VariantsEnglishPPT2015AESPUBLIC
129Part 2 - O& M Service ContractsEnglishPPT2015AESPUBLIC
130Part 3 - Revenue Model Support Mechanism Financial ModellingEnglishPPT2015AESPUBLIC
131Part 4 - Installation StandardEnglishPPT2015AESPUBLIC
132Part 5 - Don't be fooledEnglishPPT2015AESPUBLIC
133Tapping the Potential of Industrial Forest Plantation (IFP) for Energy Crop in IndonesiaEnglishPPT2015UNMULPUBLIC
134Overview Report on EBTKE Conex Biomass SeminarEnglishReport2015LCORE-INDOPUBLIC
135Overview Report on EBTKE Conex PV SeminarEnglishReport2015LCORE-INDOINTERNAL
136Energetic Use of Palm Oil Residues in Indonesia and ThailandEnglishArticle2015LCORE-INDOPUBLIC
137Offsetting Energy Demand at PT. Jawa Power Community Centre Complex in Paiton through PV Rooftop InstallationsEnglishReport2015LCORE-INDOINTERNAL
138Rooftop PV System Preliminary Study for PT. Jawa PowerEnglishReport2015LCORE-INDOPUBLIC
140LCORE Project FactsheetEnglishFactsheet2015LCORE-INDOPUBLIC
141Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installation System HandbookEnglishReport2015WOLLNYPUBLIC
142Co-digestion of Solid and Effluent Waste as Optimum Solution for Energy Generation from Palm Oil IndustryEnglishPPT2016EnvitecPUBLIC
143Electricity Potential from Rice Husk in IndonesiaEnglishPPT2016LCORE-INDOPUBLIC
144Electricity Potential from Rice Husk in IndonesiaEnglishPPT2016LCORE-INDOPUBLIC
145Grid connected PV system in the tourism sector Seaworld Club MaumereEnglishPPT2016GIZPUBLIC
146Grid connected PV system in the tourism sector Seaworld Club MaumereEnglishPPT2016GIZPUBLIC
147JAWA POWER and PV ApplicationEnglishReport2016Jawa PowerPUBLIC
149Misool Eco ResortEnglishReport2016MERPUBLIC
151Misool Zero Carbon ChallengeEnglishReport2016MERPUBLIC
153Optimising Biogas Yield Example from POME TreatmentEnglishPPT2016AANEPUBLIC
154Optimising Biogas Yield Example from POME TreatmentEnglishPPT2016AANEPUBLIC
155Power POM concept - Maximizing productivity in Palm Oil Industry by integrating Power and CPO productionEnglishPPT2016LCORE-INDOPUBLIC
156PV Monitoring - Comparison of Thin Film and Crystalline Silicon Module Performance in JakartaEnglishPPT2016AGEPPUBLIC
157PV Monitoring - Comparison of Thin Film and Crystalline Silicon Module Performance in JakartaEnglishPPT2016AGEPPUBLIC
158Solar Ice Making on Small Islands - Energy Saving Measures and Solar PV PotentialEnglishPPT2016LCORE-INDOPUBLIC
159Solar Ice Making on Small Islands - Energy Saving Measures and Solar PV PotentialEnglishPPT2016LCORE-INDOPUBLIC
160Waste Heat Recovery from Gas Engine as Alternative Heat Source for Further Heat ApplicationEnglishPPT2016APROVISPUBLIC
161Recommendation Paper - Bioenergy Project Finance Guidelines for Project DevelopersEnglishReport2016E.QuadratPUBLIC
162Biogas in Germany - Development, success factors, safetyEnglishPPT2016GBAPUBLIC
163Determining the Optimum Utility-Scale Solar Penetration Level for the Peninsular Malaysia GridEnglishPPT2016TNBPUBLIC
164Energiewende - Germany energy system with a focus on bioenergyEnglishPPT2016DENAPUBLIC
165Financing Renewable Energy ProjectEnglishPPT2016MDVPUBLIC
166IKI - Support measures for Sustainable EnergyEnglishPPT2016IKIPUBLIC
167Indonesia Policies and Programme on NRE Development for Energy SecurityEnglishPPT2016EBTKEPUBLIC
168Introduction to SPCGEnglishPPT2016SPCGPUBLIC
169Introduction to TBECEnglishPPT2016TBECPUBLIC
170Knowledge Sharing on Best Practice in RE Policies from ThailandEnglishPPT2016DEDEPUBLIC
171Net Energy Metering (NEM) Malaysia Reality and ChallengesEnglishPPT2016TNBPUBLIC
172Net Energy Metering (NEM) SchemeEnglishPPT2016STPUBLIC
173Proposal for Net Energy Metering Programme (2016-2030)EnglishPPT2016MPIAPUBLIC
174RE Development in MalaysiaEnglishPPT2016SEDAPUBLIC
175Renewable Energy ProjectsEnglishPPT2016KbankPUBLIC
176The ENERGIEWENDE - The role of BMWiEnglishPPT2016BMWiPUBLIC
177The ENERGIEWENDE - The Transformation of the German Energy SystemEnglishPPT2016RENACPUBLIC
178Delegation Visit from the DG NREEC Indonesia - RE Policy Framework in GermanyEnglishReport2016RENACPUBLIC
179GOI Delegation Visit - Best Practice in RE Policies to Thailand and MalaysiaEnglishReport2016ECCTPUBLIC
180Indonesian Delegation Visit to MalaysiaEnglishReport2016MPIAPUBLIC
181RE project risks and mitigation - from the financier perspectiveEnglishPPT2016RENACPUBLIC
182Renewable Energy - an investment-worthy sector for the indonesian financial services industryEnglishPPT2016PRIMEPUBLIC
183Financing Renewable Energy Projects - Know the Risks, Seize the OpportunitiesEnglishReport2016PrimePUBLIC
184Identification of Potential Pilot Sites Rice Husk-to-ElectricityEnglishReport2017PERPADIPUBLIC
185100 kWp Grid-Connected PV-System at Sea World Club, Maumere, FloresEnglishReport2013LCORE-INDOPUBLIC
186JAWA POWER and PV ApplicationEnglishReport2016Jawa PowerPUBLIC
187Misool Eco ResortEnglishReport2016MERPUBLIC
188Introduction to Biomass as Energy Source and Biomass TechnologiesEnglishReport2014ANNIESPUBLIC
189Bioenergy Finance Guidelines for Project DevelopersEnglishReport2017E.QuadratPUBLIC
190Panduan Pembiayaan Bioenergi untuk Pengembang ProyekBahasaReport2017E.QuadratPUBLIC
191Inhibitors, additives and process controlEnglishPPT2014PUBLIC
193Wood to Energy TechnologyEnglishPPT2014Dr. Rudolf RauchPUBLIC
194How to get most out of ISO 50001? - Turning Waste into Profit - Feed in Regulation for Bioenergy opens New OpportunitiesEnglishPPT2014Dr. Rudolf RauchPUBLIC
195Inspection Testing Commissioning of Solar PV Power Supply System to SS 601: 2014EnglishPPT2015TUV SUDPUBLIC
196Module Testing and CertificationEnglishPPT2015PUBLIC
197Project Management - Operation and Maintenance of Solar PV SystemsEnglishPPT2015PUBLIC
198Potential and Technical Solutions for Waste to Energy in INdonesian AgroindustryEnglishPPT2014Dr. Rudolf RauchPUBLIC
201Grid-connected and off-grid PhotovoltaicsEnglishSummary2015PUBLIC
202Advanced Training for Trainers in Photovoltaic and BIoenergyEnglishReport2014Peter KoningsPUBLIC
203Biogas Focus Group DiscussionEnglishPPT2014AANEPUBLIC
204Grid-connected biomass & biogas power investment in IndonesiaEnglishReport2014AANEPUBLIC
205Overview of the waste-to-energy potential for grid-connected electricityEnglishPPT2014AANEPUBLIC
206PT Pembangkit Jawa Bali Study Tour in Germany Grid-Connected Renewable Energy SystemEnglishReport2014PUBLIC
207Overview of Solar Photovoltaics for Rural Electrification part 1EnglishPPT2014APEGPUBLIC
208Overview of Solar Photovoltaics for Rural Electrification part 2EnglishPPT2014APEGPUBLIC
209Overview of Solar Photovoltaics for Rural Electrification part 3EnglishPPT2014APEGPUBLIC
210Site Visit On Rice Husk Gasification Plants in CambodiaEnglishReport2016PUBLIC