List of LCORE-INDO Activities

NoTitleCodeActivity TypeApplication Area
1Mapping of Palm Oil Mills in North Sumatera RegionA2012/PPS01Pilot Project/StudiesWaste-to-energy
2Photovoltaic Fuel Saver ConceptA2013/PPS02Pilot Project/StudiesDiesel Substitution
3Devising Replicable Business Model for Grid-connection of Micro Hydro Power Plant - Case Study from LombokA2013/PPS03Pilot Project/StudiesDiesel Substitution
4The Potential of Rice Husk Utilization into Energy in IndonesiaA2013/PPS04Pilot Project/StudiesWaste-to-energy
5Overview of Diesel Consumption for Captive Power in IndonesiaA2013/PPS05Pilot Project/StudiesDiesel Substitution
6Using Solar PV in Indonesia’s Tourism SectorA2014/PPS06Pilot Project/StudiesDiesel Substitution
7Biomass Potential StudyA2014/PPS07Pilot Project/StudiesWaste-to-energy
8Evaluation of Rural Electrification Programs in IndonesiaA2014/PPS08Pilot Project/StudiesOff-grid Application
9Solar PV Potential StudyA2015/PPS09Pilot Project/StudiesDiesel Substitution
10Study on Gasification Project DevelopmentA2017/PPS10Pilot Project/StudiesWaste-to-energy
11Study on Management Set up of DG-NREEC’s Bioenergy Power PlantsA2017/PPS11Pilot Project/StudiesWaste-to-energy
12Policies Impact Study on PhotovoltaicA2017/PPS12Pilot Project/StudiesDiesel Substitution
13RE Development Scenarios and Grid Impact StudyA2017/PPS13Pilot Project/StudiesCross-cutting
14Impact Study of Biomass-Biogas Policies in Indonesia DevelopmentA2017/PPS14Pilot Project/StudiesWaste-to-energy
15Biomass Waste Scoping StudyA2012/PPS15Pilot Project/StudiesWaste-to-energy
16Visit Report “Palm Oil Mill” PLTU Listrindo Kencana -BangkaA2013/PPS16Pilot Project/StudiesWaste-to-energy
17EFB Power Plant in North SumateraA2013/PPS17Pilot Project/StudiesWaste-to-energy
18Performance Analysis of POME Power PlantsA2013/PPS18Pilot Project/StudiesWaste-to-energy
19PV on VesselsA2013/PPS19Pilot Project/StudiesDiesel Substitution
20PT. ANJAP Saga Drying & Power Generation OptionsA2014/PPS20Pilot Project/StudiesWaste-to-energy
21Biogas / POME Sludge Pelletizing Project in BangkaA2014/PPS21Pilot Project/StudiesWaste-to-energy
22Solar PV-driven Ice making in MalukuA2014/PPS22Pilot Project/StudiesOff-grid Application
23Grid-Connected Solar PV Project in MaumereA2014/PPS23Pilot Project/StudiesDiesel Substitution
24POME Biogas Optimisation Project in BelitungA2015/PPS24Pilot Project/StudiesWaste-to-energy
25Fossil Fuel Saving and CO2 Emission Reduction at Tapioca Starch Plant in LampungA2015/PPS25Pilot Project/StudiesWaste-to-energy
26Innovative Use of Waste from a Palm Oil Mill in KalimantanA2015/PPS26Pilot Project/StudiesWaste-to-energy
27Power POM ConceptA2015/PPS27Pilot Project/StudiesWaste-to-energy
28Solar PV Rooftop Project and Passive House Standard in Alam SuteraA2015/PPS28Pilot Project/StudiesDiesel Substitution
29Solar PV Hybrid System with Misool Eco ResortA2016/PPS29Pilot Project/StudiesDiesel Substitution
30Solar PV Project with PT. Jawa PowerA2016/PPS30Pilot Project/StudiesDiesel Substitution
31Rice Husk-to-ElectricityA2017/PPS31Pilot Project/StudiesWaste-to-energy
32Solar Powered Ice MachineA2017/PPS32Pilot Project/StudiesOff-grid Application
33Solar PV for Cold StorageA2017/PPS33Pilot Project/StudiesOff-grid Application
34Seminar on charting a way to Green Economy through Fiscal Policy Reforms: A Role for MoFA2012/CB01Capacity BuildingCross-cutting
35Waste to Revenue: Energizing Indonesia’s Palm Oil IndustryA2012/CB02Capacity BuildingWaste-to-energy
36PLN Tour to GermanyA2013/CB03Capacity BuildingCross-cutting
37NREEC Tour to German Companies and Intersolar Trade ShowA2013/CB04Capacity BuildingCross-cutting
38SEMINAR: Biomass Waste-to Energy Project DevelopmentA2013/CB05Capacity BuildingWaste-to-energy
39SEMINAR: Grid-connected PV power plantsA2013/CB06Capacity BuildingDiesel Substitution
40Monitoring and Performance Control of PV Systems WorkshopA2014/CB07Capacity BuildingDiesel Substitution
41Advanced Training on Bioenergy and Solar PVA2014/CB08Capacity BuildingCross-cutting
42FGD on Barriers to Financing of Biogas ProjectA2014/CB09Capacity BuildingWaste-to-energy
43FGD on Capacity Building Needs of RE stakeholdersA2014/CB10Capacity BuildingCross-cutting
44Masterplan Presentation for PLN REA DevelopmentA2014/CB11Capacity BuildingCross-cutting
45Biomass Introduction CourseA2014/CB12Capacity BuildingWaste-to-energy
46UPLIFT Indonesia Awareness ForumA2014/CB13Capacity BuildingDiesel Substitution
47Presentation at Ministry of Forestry and Environment SeminarA2014/CB14Capacity BuildingWaste-to-energy
48Parallel seminars in PV and BioenergyA2014/CB15Capacity BuildingCross-cutting
49Advanced Training in Solar PVA2014/CB16Capacity BuildingDiesel Substitution
50PT. Pembangkit Jawa Bali (PJB) Study TourA2014/CB17Capacity BuildingCross-cutting
51Solar PV Training for DG NREEC New StaffsA2014/CB18Capacity BuildingDiesel Substitution
52RENAC Green Summer School and Study TourA2014/CB19Capacity BuildingCross-cutting
53Presentation at PEP Seminar and Study TourA2014/CB20Capacity BuildingWaste-to-energy
54German Ambassador Visit to Adolina Palm Oil MillA2014/CB21Capacity BuildingWaste-to-energy
55Presentation at Swiss German UniversityA2014/CB22Capacity BuildingWaste-to-energy
56German-Indonesian Business Forum on Indonesia’s Bioenergy PotentialsA2014/CB23Capacity BuildingWaste-to-energy
57Presentation at 12th Economix International SeminarA2014/CB24Capacity BuildingCross-cutting
58German Business Delegation Field Trip to a Biogas PlantA2014/CB25Capacity BuildingWaste-to-energy
59Presentation at RED Resource Efficiency WorkshopA2014/CB26Capacity BuildingDiesel Substitution
60Bioenergy Project Development Financing RoundtableA2014/CB27Capacity BuildingWaste-to-energy
61PUSDIKLAT Trainers Study TripA2014/CB28Capacity BuildingWaste-to-energy
62Training at the International Biogas and Bioenergy Centre of Competence, IBBK, GermanyA2015/CB29Capacity BuildingWaste-to-energy
63PV Rooftop Construction Training for DG NREECA2015/CB30Capacity BuildingDiesel Substitution
64Technical and Financial Evaluation of Bioenergy Projects Training for DG-NREECA2015/CB31Capacity BuildingWaste-to-energy
65Renewable Energy and Efficiency Seminar for IndustriesA2015/CB32Capacity BuildingDiesel Substitution
66Presentation and Study Trip during Bioenergy Week in MedanA2015/CB33Capacity BuildingWaste-to-energy
67Participation of Energy Program Indonesia/ ASEAN at EBTKE ConEx 2015A2015/CB34Capacity BuildingCross-cutting
68Summer School in Berlin on Grid-connected and Off-grid PhotovoltaicA2015/CB35Capacity BuildingDiesel Substitution
69PV Rooftop Training in Collaboration with TÜV SÜDA2015/CB36Capacity BuildingDiesel Substitution
70LCORE Panel Discussion and WorkshopA2016/CB37Capacity BuildingCross-cutting
71Study Trip on Rice Husk Gasification in CambodiaA2016/CB38Capacity BuildingWaste-to-energy
72Climate & Sustainable Energy Finance Summer Academy 2016 and Delegation Visit on Best Practice RE Policies to GermanyA2016/CB39Capacity BuildingCross-cutting
73Delegation Visit on Best Practice RE Policies & RE Finance to Malaysia and ThailandA2016/CB40Capacity BuildingCross-cutting
74Financing RE Projects: Know the Risks, Seize the OpportunitiesA2016/CB41Capacity BuildingCross-cutting
75Talk show: Deep Dive on Maritime AgendaA2016/CB42Capacity BuildingCross-cutting
76PV Module Factory VisitA2016/CB43Capacity BuildingDiesel Substitution
77Kick off meeting of LCORE-INDO ProjectA2012/AP01Action Plan & Best Practice GuidelineCross-cutting
78Working Meeting on PV Feed-in-TariffA2012/AP02Action Plan & Best Practice GuidelineDiesel Substitution
79A Proposed Concept for a Renewable Energy Capacity Building Strategy for IndonesiaA2013/AP03Action Plan & Best Practice GuidelineCross-cutting
80GIZ Contribution to Green Economy Development in IndonesiaA2013/AP04Action Plan & Best Practice GuidelineCross-cutting
81Barrier Analysis in Bioenergy Project DevelopmentA2014/AP05Action Plan & Best Practice GuidelineWaste-to-energy
82Biogas and Biomass Feed-in-Tariff RevisionA2014/AP06Action Plan & Best Practice GuidelineWaste-to-energy
83POM Mapping Study in East KalimantanA2014/AP07Action Plan & Best Practice GuidelineWaste-to-energy
84RE GuidelinesA2015/AP08Action Plan & Best Practice GuidelineWaste-to-energy
85PV Rooftop Construction HandbookA2015/AP09Action Plan & Best Practice GuidelineDiesel Substitution
86Consultation of PV FiT SchemeA2016/AP10Action Plan & Best Practice GuidelineDiesel Substitution
87Bioenergy Project Finance GuidelinesA2017/AP11Action Plan & Best Practice GuidelineWaste-to-energy
88Biogas Safety GuidelinesA2017/AP12Action Plan & Best Practice GuidelineWaste-to-energy
89Solar PV Lending Manual for Indonesian Financial InstitutionsA2017/AP13Action Plan & Best Practice GuidelineDiesel Substitution
90Benchmarking Performance of Biogas Plants utilizing Agro-industry waste in IndonesiaA2013/MRV01Monitoring and EvaluationWaste-to-energy
91Bioenergy Power Plant Monitoring and Evaluation SystemA2015/MRV02Monitoring and EvaluationWaste-to-energy
92Biogas Performance BenchmarkingA2017/MRV03Monitoring and EvaluationWaste-to-energy
93Monitoring of PV Rooftop PerformanceA2017/MRV04Monitoring and EvaluationDiesel Substitution
94RE Power Plant calculatorA2013/QT01Operational ToolsDiesel Substitution
95Calculation of O&M Costs of PV Power PlantsA2016/QT02Operational ToolsDiesel Substitution
96Database Development on Power System Planning for RE IntegrationA2017/QT03Operational ToolsCross-cutting