About the Resource Book

The LCORE Resource Book is a compilation of activities’ information and documents as the results of LCORE-INDO (Promotion of Least-Cost Renewables in Indonesia) project implementation. The produced knowledge and information are expected to be used by relevant stakeholders and future related activities for better implementation of renewable energy development measures.

The resource book consists of five main components:

  1. LCORE project information
    Introduction of the LCORE-INDO project, including its objective, area of activities, implementation area and pillars of RE deployment strategy.
  2. Study on fundamentals of RE deployment strategy
    The study was aimed at investigating the fundamentals of RE implementation strategy in Indonesia. Each of the fundamentals is discussed in relation with actual condition of Indonesia and how the strategy could help Indonesia in meeting its ambitious RE target.
  3. Activity sheets
    Key information of the activity conducted by LCORE-INDO. This activity sheet also links the activity information with available documents under publication catalogue.
  4. Publication catalogue
    Interactive list of documents as results of LCORE-INDO activities.
  5. Activity location map
    The location map of LCORE-INDO-supported projects and activities.

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